About Us

What Do We Do

Quantum Surge Immigration Limited is a Canadian Immigration Firm licenced by the Canadian College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants with a Registered licence number (R710687). We specialize in helping people obtain temporary or permanent residency in Canada. 

Here are a wide range of services that we offer and as always here free to contact us if you have any other inquiries.

  • Permanent Residence
  • Sponsorship
  • Study
  • Visit
  • Work Permit
  • Other Services

Why We Do It

We are here because we care. Many of the individuals who work towards Immigrating to Canada are fleeing from some of the worst kinds of humanitarian crises the world has ever seen. Others find their paths leading them toward Canada in search of a fresh start or an opportunity at a better education, a better life for themselves and their children. No matter the reason, Quantum Surge Immigration understands and approaches each situation uniquely, with love and passion for the work we do. Guiding you through your immigration journey is a responsibility we take seriously. 

Why Choose Us

We provide immigration services tailored to your needs, supporting you every step of the way through the immigration pathway that suits your qualification. We are fully licensed to operate by the Canadian College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants Canada and approach each immigration application with our core values of integrity, transparency, and dedication at the forefront of our minds.

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